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Join Our Family at TPCS


Thank you for your interest in being a substitute teacher with Traders Point Christian Schools. There are several steps you will need to take in order to be fully ready to sub.

 1. Fill out an application at Prism HR 

2. You will be contacted by a Principal to set up an interview.

3. Interview with a Principal.

4. Once you have been approved for hire, you will proceed to a background check.

a. You will receive an email from Crimcheck via Prism HR for your background check.

b. You will receive another email for the CPS portion of your background check. This email states that you must include every address going back to 1988. We realize this can be very challenging. Please provide as much information as you can (even if it is a partial address) without leaving any gaps. The most vital information is the counties you have lived in because the CPS check is by county. You will also need to give permission for the state of Indiana to release this information to Crimcheck. That will be a separate email from KidsTraks.

c. If approved to sub for early childhood (EC), you will also need to be fingerprinted. Alyssa Montgomery at the EC will arrange this with you. Her email is and her phone number is (317) 769-2450.


5. In order to set you up for payroll with Worksmart, Cheri Bracken will need to photocopy your I-9 documents (unexpired passport OR drivers license and social security card). Cheri is located in the Lower School. Her email is or you can call her at 317-769-2450 ext. 169. Cheri is in her office every day but it’s a good idea to confirm she will be available when you bring your documents in. She is legally required to personally view and photocopy your documents and no one else can do this on her behalf.

6. You will also need to set up an account in Replicon which is where you will log your sub hours. Cheri Bracken or Alyssa Montgomery can answer questions about Replicon.

7. You will also have a login set up for Frontline. This is the system where teachers enter their sub requests in advance and you pick up sub requests. For last-minute sub-requests for illness or other emergencies, Frontline will make phone calls or Melissa Underwood may reach out to you as well. Melissa Underwood oversees sub assignments. Melissa’s email is and her number is 630-841-1601. She can answer any questions you have about Frontline.

Substitute Onboarding Checklist

⬜Submit application

⬜Interview with principal

⬜Background check with Crimcheck

⬜Fingerprinting if subbing in Early Childhood

⬜I-9 documents

⬜Set up Worksmart for payroll

⬜Set up Replicon to record hours

⬜Set up Frontline for sub-jobs


For additional questions please contact Alyssa Funk at We look forward to having you on our team at Traders Point Christian Schools.