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Community Engagement Program (72 × 16 in) (1)

The Community Engagement Program is a vital part of TPCS. It's purpose is to set a Christian example of community service and to strengthen the relationships between our families and our school. We thank you for your willingness and commitment to serve our teachers and students in this way and look forward to building community with you.


About Community Engagement 

Families with students in grades K-12 are required to serve 25 hours throughout the school year, regardless of the number of children currently enrolled in TPCS.

Early Childhood families with students enrolled 15 or fewer hours per week are required to serve 5 hours throughout the year. Families with EC students enrolled more than 15 hours per week are required to serve 10 hours throughout the year.

Families with K-12 and EC students do not add the required hours together; the maximum for any family is 25 service hours.

Adults 18 and over may serve these hours. Extended family members, such as grandparents, may assist in serving these hours. Children are not allowed to serve these hours.

Hours are not transferable between families.

A $250 buy-out option exists for families not wanting or able to serve the 25 service hours. This must be chosen at the beginning of the school year. (EC-only families may opt out for $50 or $100, depending on hours enrolled.) Please contact me if you would like to opt out (originally chosen during enrollment)

Unserved hours will be charged at a rate of $15/hour at the end of the fiscal year. For example, if a family has not chosen to opt out of the program at the beginning of the year and all hours are unserved, a charge of $375 will be placed on the family’s account.


Engagement Opportunities

There are a multitude of ways to earn engagement hours throughout the year. Families are responsible for selecting and logging their hours throughout the year in FACTS family portal. 

Parent/Teacher conferences (1 hour)

LS PTF EC-6th Carnival (1 hour)

Open House attendance (1 hour), Recommend or Invite a friend and they attend (1 hour)

Original post on social media promoting/recommending TPCS (1 hour)

Service opportunities at TPCS are always available! Whether it’s helping move furniture at EC, working the concession stand at a basketball game, or shelving books in the library! 

If you are unsure of where your skills and talents would best serve the students and faculty at TPCS, feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Chantel Smith at