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Students in our Upper School, have the unique opportunity to participate in competitive course offerings, hands-on experiences, and a variety of student life activities that prepare them for their post-secondary education or career.

They will learn how to live biblically, think critically and creatively, speak with confidence, practice effective problem solving, hunger for discovery and investigation, and how to lead with excellence impacting the world for Christ. 

Opportunities to achieve these skills are provided through a rigorous curriculum, competitive course offerings including AP and Dual Credit, and project-based learning that provides hands-on learning with real-life applications.

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Building Your Academic Portfolio

A student’s academic portfolio is a compilation of their high school achievements both academic and extracurricular. It showcases a student’s strengths, interests, and individuality. An impressive portfolio is well-rounded with academic performance, rigorous course selections, leadership initiatives, and volunteer participation. Students are encouraged to take challenging courses throughout their high school career and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, fine arts, student council, National Honor Society, Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, our Schools Within a School, and work-based learning.



Students in the Upper School have the unique opportunity to choose a specific path for graduation that’s in addition to their Core40 or Honors diploma. This is done through our Schools Within a School model which is designed to give students an academic edge based on their desired career path.

Each school provides a rigorous curriculum and hands-on educational experiences that lead to a seal of distinction on the student’s diploma upon graduation. Students choosing to enroll in a specific school will enhance their academic portfolio and resume, distinguishing themselves from their college applicants in the admissions process.

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Traders Point is proud to partner with LIFT Academy and Republic Airways to offer our students the unique opportunity to explore a career in aviation while still in high school. Students enrolling in the LIFT program at TPCS can earn up to 40 flight hours before graduation with a preferred pathway to employment at Republic. Whether a student is interested in becoming a private pilot, a commercial pilot, or an airline maintenance technician, the LIFT Academy program at TPCS offers an accelerated pathway to a successful career in aviation. 

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Our Knights Cafe is a student-led coffee shop located inside our Upper School.  This living classroom allows students the opportunity to get real-life experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Students develop the soft skills needed in today's workforce. Real-life applications include the HR process, inventory management, finance, customer service, and leadership.

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Students often display higher levels of engagement and motivation when they have a clear understanding of their strengths, passions, and what interests them. That's why we are intentional about working with one on one with our students to help them identify how to best use those strengths as they plan for college and their future careers.