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The Traders Point Christian School Board of Directors exists to support the mission and vision of Traders Point Christian Schools.

  • Mission: Traders Point Christian Schools challenges and educates students within a framework of a Biblical worldview while leading them to a personal faith and transformed life in Jesus Christ.

  • Vision: TPCS will prepare and equip students to reach their highest individual potential and impact the world for Christ.

  • Values: Faith, Relationships, Understanding, Integrity, Truth

The purpose of the Traders Point Christian Schools Board of Directors, on behalf of God and TPCC, is to ensure that TPCS achieves appropriate results at an appropriate cost and avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

The Board’s essential function is policy-making and responsibility for sound management. It formulates and determines the school’s general, educational, and financial policies. The Board’s oversight with respect to the operation of the School, its achievements, and conduct will be through the Head of School. The authority and accountability of staff will be the responsibility of the Head of School.

To learn more about how the board operates and its full scope of responsibilities, please refer to our Board Policy Manual.




The Board meets in person once per month throughout the year.  Emails are sent with important messages to the school community after each meeting.  

Member Selection

New members for the board are selected by a board committee each year at the June meeting. The board should always have between 8 and 15 directors with at least 1 Elder of TPCC on the board. TPCC will appoint the Elder or Elder designee. The TPCS Head of School serves as a non-voting member.  The Chairman and majority of Board members must be active Traders Point Christian Church members.

Approved Board candidates will be presented to the TPCC Elders for affirmation at their next earliest meeting.

Board Members serve a 3-year term and may serve at most 3 terms.




Dr. Jon Wilhite, Board Chair - 2nd Term / Exp  2023

Brian Clem, Vice Chair - 1st Term / Exp 2024

Jim Bucher, Treasurer - 3rd Term / Exp 2023

Monica Johnson, Secretary - 1st Term / Exp 2023

James Gilbert - 2nd Term / Exp 2024

Leah Brown - 1st Term / Exp 2023

Dr. Blair Dowden - 2nd Term / Exp 2025

Dr. Jodi Meyer - 2nd Term / Exp 2023

Dr. Russ Baker - 1st Term / Exp 2024

Keli Reese - 1st Term / Exp 2025

Michael Tooley - 2nd Term / Exp 2025

Bob Baird - 1st Term / Exp 2025