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Scholarships and Aid

Choosing a private Christian education is an investment in the future and an opportunity that we believe all families should have. That's why we are happy to offer several forms of financial assistance to qualifying families with students in grades K-12. These various scholarships and discounts help make the cost of tuition more affordable.

Families complete one application and our finance department does the rest. Please be sure that you are working with an admission director and have completed the admission application prior to applying for financial assistance. When ready, please have your last year's tax return available when completing your application and always feel free to contact us with any questions.


Indiana School Choice Scholarhips 

The Indiana Choice Scholarship program helps to offset your cost of K-12 education at Traders Point Christian Schools. The amount of your scholarship is based on eligibility including your household size, income, and the school district in which you reside. 


SGO Tax Credit Scholarship

Indiana's Tax Credit Scholarship program was created In 2009 as a way to give families who meet income guidelines an opportunity to send their child to a participating private school. Through the generosity of Hoosiers, private donations are given as scholarships so students may attend a private school that may not have been an option for them otherwise.

Traders Point Christian Schools partners with Sagamore Institute to provide Tax credit scholarships to students. Since the beginning of this program, Sagamore has awarded over $57 million in SGO scholarships to students across the state. 

Indiana – Private School Deduction

Indiana’s Private School Deduction program was enacted and launched in 2011.

Indiana provides a tax deduction for individuals who make educational expenditures on behalf of their dependent children. Any taxpayer who has a child already enrolled in a private school is eligible to claim up to a $1,000 tax deduction per child for approved educational expenses including private school tuition, textbooks, fees, software, tutoring, and supplies.

You can find more info and the tax forms here.


New Family ($500 per student for the first year)

Large Family ($500 per student per year for the 3rd and subsequent student)

Public Service ($500 per student per year)

Christian Service ($500 per student per year)