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The School of Business and Entrepreneurship is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a future career in business. This includes human resources, sales, management, finance, marketing, accounting, law, or entrepreneurship. Through this distinct pathway students will develop the key competencies necessary to succeed in their field of choice including analytical and critical thinking skills, written and oral communication proficiency, ethics awareness, and much more as outlined in the required courses below.


Dual Credit Principles of Entrepreneurship

Principles of Entrepreneurship focuses on the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and provides students the opportunity to apply the entrepreneurial process to their own business idea. The course helps students to identify and evaluate business ideas while learning the steps and competencies required to launch a successful new venture. Students are challenged to consider the appropriateness of an entrepreneurial career for themselves by conducting a personal inventory. The course helps students apply what they have learned from the content when they write a Personal Vision Statement, a Business Concept Statement, and an Elevator Pitch.


Dual Credit  New Venture Development

New Venture Development challenges students to apply what they have learned about the Entrepreneurial process and themselves in the principles course. You will use an entrepreneurial process, like the RISE model or the Lean Start-Up model, to build and launch your business “from the ground up”. The course will require the student to meet with potential customers, mentors, and key stakeholders. Students should take advantage of opportunities outside the classroom to participate in entrepreneurial pitch competitions.


Dual Credit Small Business Operations

Small Business Operations will help students to understand and apply or implement the correct legal, business, human resources, operations, marketing, and financial structures after their product launch.



Our Knights Cafe is our student-led coffee shop located inside our Upper School. This living classroom allows students the opportunity to get real-life experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Students develop the soft skills needed in today's workforce. Real-life applications include the HR process, inventory management, finance, customer service, and leadership.