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Your Reward

Life is a blessing, but sometimes daily living can be hard. One of the things that can make living hard is our children. We walk through all stages of life with our kids. Sleepless nights (for mom), learning to walk, talk, fall, and then never stopping. Learning to share, play fair, and manage friend relationships. Learning to deal with life’s harsh realities of illness, broken relationships, and unkind people. Learning how to learn and the challenges of schooling. Learning about sports, the thrill of victory, and the disappointments of being cut and losing. Learning to be vulnerable in “loving” that crush in your class. Learning about rejection and so much more. Navigating illness, anxiety, and individuality. Learning to navigate the uncertainties of life after high school.

In reality, our children don’t make our life hard. They make it rich and abundant. Full of energy and blessed memories. Life with our children is meaningful and motivating. A life focused on our kids sets the course for our future and theirs. We shape our time, energies, and resources in preparing them for a successful future. We select our churches, schools,
friends, and activities to maximize their potential and outcomes. Psalm 127:3 (NIV) says Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. We want to celebrate the
blessing of having our own children.

Parents, maybe the most critical task at hand is to prepare the hearts and minds of
your children to be a light in a dark world. At TPCS, we want to thank you for allowing us to partner in shaping the hearts and minds of your heritage and most precious reward.

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