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TPCS Accreditation and memberships

Parents often wonder or are uninformed about the accreditation of private schools. Non-public schools in Indiana can function as a state (IDOE) accredited or accredited by a state-approved accrediting organization. I believe there are eight IDOE approved accrediting organizations within the state of Indiana.

Traders Point Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia. Both of these accrediting bodies are approved by the Indiana Department of Education. The accreditation process involves extensive documentation and a peer review every five years. Treasure point went through its last accreditation process in November 2020. TPCS will go through this process again during the calendar year 2025.

The accreditation process allows our students to have recognized transcripts if they transfer from TPCS to another non- public or public high school during their high school years and a recognized transcript when they enroll in college. TPCS also has other very significant partnerships and memberships. TPCS is a member of the Indiana Non-Public Educators Association (INPEA). This membership allows us to be part of a more significant voice for legislative advocacy, primarily focused on the rights of non-public schools to function without undue regulation or intrusion from state and federal governments. Both the ACSI and INPEA regularly advocate for religious liberty and the limitation of government regulation on private schools. TPCS also partners with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF is a national
organization of legal experts and lobbyists whose primary focus is defending and lobbying for the religious freedom of churches and schools.

For TPCS and other private schools to function with a traditional or biblical focus, we need all the support we can get from these organizations. If you would be interested in assisting TPCS in political advocacy, please get in touch with me. Pray for the continued freedom of TPCS and other schools like ours to carry out our mission.

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