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The monumental anticipation of christmas

One of the unique aspects of a typical western cultural celebration of Christmas is the
anticipation. Today people decorate their homes, sometimes more than a month before
this treasured holiday. Parents often buy gifts months in advance of the day that they
will be given out. The build-up for Christmas in a child’s mind causes them to ask
questions, peak, feel, and shake their presents as they try to guess what they are.
Parents, at times, are giddy with the excitement of the anticipated reaction of their child
to the gift that they planned, saved for, and purchased. Grandparents (well, let’s say
we’re crazy) spoil their grandchildren with gifts in anticipation of that wide-eyed moment
when they open Grandma’s gift.   

After many weeks of decoration, preparation, planning, purchasing, wrapping, hiding,
cooking, cleaning, and watching movies with heartwarming stories, that penultimate
moment arrives when the children open their gifts. Family members embrace the
moments and create memories as kids open their presents. As a parent of four and a
grandparent (yes, a self-identified crazy) of nine, I can tell you those moments are

I hope you will embrace and maximize this window of time when you get to share gifts
with those you love. For many, Christmas day continues with families feasting on the
abundance we are blessed with. Toys are assembled and played with; some,
particularly Grandpa, take food coma naps. 

I can’t imagine my life without these events. They bring such amazing joy and
happiness to our family. I want to draw the connection between the anticipation of that
moment on Christmas morning to what I would hope would be even greater anticipation
at the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It gets repeated so many times that it
loses its context or value, “Don’t forget the reason for the season.” God sent his Son,
born of a virgin, to live on earth as a man, to die for my sins, and to rise from the grave.
One day to return and gather up his people into heaven. There will be no Christmas
morning that will surpass that day.

From all of us at Traders Point Christian School to all our school families, we wish you a
very merry Christmas, and may the Lord return soon.

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