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Thanksgiving with Nate

I was getting my hair cut last night when I was asked if our family had any Thanksgiving traditions we would be celebrating this year. While there are a couple, maybe typical ones, we are not highly traditional. It is now challenging with nine grandkids (six of them, five and under) to go around the table and tell something you are thankful for. The
grandkids just want to start eating mashed potatoes with their hands. But there are some very special Thanksgivings that we will always remember and celebrate.

Next week we will celebrate the tenth year of sharing our home and table with Nate Johnson. Our third son Wes spent his first year of college at Lincoln Memorial University on a soccer scholarship. While on the team, he became friends with Nate Johnson, an international student from England. Their friendship grew, resulting in Wes asking if Nate could
spend Thanksgiving with us since he could not go home. His request was received with a resounding yes. The relationship grew to the point that we considered Nate one of our own kids, and he has since celebrated Thanksgiving and many Christmas’ with us. Nate also came to know the Lord through this relationship. Now years later, we will celebrate our tenth consecutive Thanksgiving with Nate at our table. For the last two years, Nate has been joined by his wife, Katherine, pictured below.

While growing up, my parents always had an open seat at our table for anyone to join us for a meal. We have tried to carry on that tradition in our home. I challenge you to see if you can share your Thanksgiving table with someone outside of your family this year. Maybe you will develop a life-long relationship with and be a blessing to someone unexpected, and in doing so, you will teach a great lesson to your children.

From all of us at TPCS, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

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