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Thanksgiving challenge

We live in unprecedented times when everything related to marriage and family seems to be constantly challenged.

Christians are called to support and witness to the importance of the family, as created by God, to serve a vital role in God's plan for humanity. Not only are families the fundamental building blocks of society (providing stability for every
other institution), but they also offer a reflection of God's nature and holy character. Families are where we learn to love one another, humble ourselves, and put others first, and ultimately, where we learn to worship God. 

As believers, we must support and encourage the families around us, especially during times of trial. We have witnessed this at TPCS on many occasions as our families lift other families through trials. Living out our faith, however, extends even further. We are called to have an impact on our culture and must strive for wisdom and understanding to do so
effectively. We must understand God's vision for the family and how it is connected to His bigger plan. Author and theologian G.K. Chesterton wrote on many subjects, and marriage and family are recurring topics addressed in his work. Chesterton emphasizes the need to defend the family, the very basis of civilization.

Thanksgiving affords the time when we focus most on the blessings of family. I pray that your time at Thanksgiving this year is a time to strengthen the foundation of your family. Set aside the things that tug at your attention and focus on the health and strength of your family.

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