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"Am I raising my kids well?"

That question is probably always on your mind.

Raising children is a journey marked by changes, victories, stumbles, and hopes. It's a time made easier by surrounding ourselves with others and sharing the trials and joys of this seemingly long but brief time. For our families, TPCS is that community. We understand that you want your children to succeed. You trust us to be as invested as you are in supporting the environment and efforts to make that happen.

As you evaluate the challenges you face in raising your kids, engaging with them in conversation can be difficult. Asking the right, probing questions can help.

In a guide by Alana Pace, she offers 30 thoughtful questions to get the conversation started. Make the most of the car ride home with ideas for how to—

  • Learn more about what they're thinking and feeling
  • Get to know about their friends and environment at school
  • Find out what motivates and drives them 

As more families join our TPCS community, we want to be a place where opportunities for parent engagement are ready when you are. That may look like a parents' Bible Study, time to worship or serve with your children, or sporting and arts events with friends. 

In every way, we strive to partner with your family in raising your kids because you are what makes up our school community.

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