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TPCS Engineering Program Highlights Purdue Direct Admit

Did you know that TPCS has a high school engineering track? In the fall of 2019, TPCS launched an atypical model known as our Schools Within A School (SWAS). These schools include a School of Biomedical Sciences, a School of Applied Sciences (Computer Science, Engineering, and Aviation through LIFT Academy and Republic Airways), and a School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Students must apply, interview, and be accepted into their school of choice, determining the required coursework and academic expectations. Maintaining a high standard of achievement, and giving an annual presentation to faculty, leadership, and community leaders are some of the requirements that allow TPCHS students to earn a distinction in their chosen field on their diploma. TPCHS works with various community and corporate partners to deliver unique educational experiences that prepare our students for their future careers.

A key partner in this program is a curriculum provider. The engineering program within the School of Applied Sciences and The School of Biomedical Sciences utilizes a curriculum from Project Lead The Way (PLTW), an Indianapolis-based curriculum company. PLTW creates an engaging, hands-on classroom environment and empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. At TPCS, our SWAS program is a three-year program that students take alongside their regular course load. The students who complete the program have set themselves apart by taking a more rigorous path toward graduation.  

Each of the students in one of our SWAS programs has allowed themselves to stand out amongst their peers. Some of our graduates have earned increased scholarships, opportunities for certification completed before going to college, and internships. One standout example of the value of going through our SWAS program is senior Adrian Winston. Adrian has completed our School of Applied Sciences program in engineering and will be attending Purdue with direct admission into their engineering program. Adrian also received a full-ride tuition scholarship through Purdue’s ROTC program. Adrian has been an exemplary student at TPCS, and his guidance counselor Janise Stone credits his direct admissions to his SWAS academic course load and performance.

Congratulations to each senior who has completed the course requirements in one of our SWAS!

School of Applied Sciences

Eli Hieser - engineering

Abigail Moore – engineering

Adrian Winston – engineering


School of Biomedical Sciences

Hayla Barton

Addy Frye

Jalen Gilbert

Alex Langford

Emma Lippert

Tennye Mylin

Raegan Smith

Jackson Wilhite


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