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Teacher Trust

A recent LinkedIn article reported that parents are losing trust in their public school teachers. The article says that the loss of confidence can point back to many of the volatile issues of the past twenty months. That is a sad state of affairs in our nation, considering elementary teachers' enormous impact on children. 

The article references the need for a strong relationship between parents and teachers to educate successfully. Also, parent engagement is a high indicator of success in the schooling process. 

Where there is not community, trust, respect, ethical behaviors are difficult for the young to learn and for the old to maintain. Robert Greenleaf

At TPCS, we have seen an increasing level of trust in our teachers over the past three years, not a decline. As I am halfway through my fourth year here, my confidence in our teaching staff continues to grow. As the school is open to parents this year, we are encouraged to see parents engage with our teachers and the school community at events and their kids' work at home. 

Our teachers do a great job of loving and caring for your kids. They pour out their energies to impart education and demonstrate the love of Christ to your kids. Because of our biblically focused worldview, you can trust that your kids are loved, valued, and are going to receive the best of the teachers’ efforts in their education. 

I believe our teachers build trust in many ways but primarily as servant-leaders. So, here are ways our teachers build and keep trust. Our teachers love their students, act with integrity, connect and engage, self-sacrificing, serve willingly, speak truth, and walk in humility. 

Our teachers’ behaviors overflow from their commitment to your kids, our mission, and our biblical worldview. I pray that you will share with your friends the level of trust that can be found in the teachers at TPCS.

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