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Off and Running

The TPCS school year got off to a great start. One of the things that have been such a blessing is seeing parents in the buildings and the stands. We all missed that sense of community last year. It was evident on the faces of our families that you are glad to return to the campus, and we are delighted to welcome you.

Last year felt like a cross country race with all its potential pitfalls, inclines, woods to navigate, and intolerable mosquitos. Runners can often feel alone as they navigate the course without seeing those they are running with or those who are cheering them on. We hope never to have to repeat that.  This year feels more like a grand marathon. We not only have a much more level and open course, but the runners can also see and feel the support of those who are cheering them on.

God has blessed you with the children you have, and it is valuable for you to be in close contact with them and their teachers. We, the faculty and staff, are only partners in this process of education. God gave the responsibility for each child to their parents. You are their greatest cheerleader even when it feels like they are not listening.

So let’s make sure that those running the race hear loudly the encouraging cheers of those who are optimistic for their successful completion. Let’s let our kids and teachers see and hear us cheering them on. Let’s let them know that while we recognize the struggle of the race, we are optimistic that they can not only finish but finish well. 


New COVID+ Cases

Week of 8/9-8/13                  8/16-8/20                  

EC              0                                 0                  

LS              0                                  0                  

US             0                                  0                  

Staff          0                                  1                  

Dept.         #                                 +                           %

EC            176                              0                         0.00%

LS            240                              0                          0.00%

US           183                              0                          0.00%

Staff        103                             1                           0.97%






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